About Us

From start-up to success

TradeSoft company deals with development, selling and implementation of their own software for companies involved in auto parts sales.

The company’s first priority is development of the best software, internet-resources, catalogs and services for auto parts sales market.

The company was established in 2003. It was, as they say now, a real start-up: on demand idea, good implementation and maximum desire to develop and do the best in the professional field.

Nowadays TradeSoft company is a stable growing company with a big stuff. The company has offices in Moscow, Russia, and Minsk, Belarus.

Many successful companies entrusted their business to us!

The way we work

Our mission is to develop, improve and maintain reliable software, using which our customers can work with maximum efficiency and open up new possibilities in their business (from the Company Code).

These are the principles which we use as the basis for our activity and which help us keep the leading position in the sphere of auto business for several years.

Narrow field of interest
We work in the single sphere – car parts sales – that is why we know it inside out and have considered all the peculiarities in our software!
Our main asset is our personnel – a solid team of professionals – more than 50 computer programmers, managers, technical support specialists.
Quality priority
We are eager to develop software, which will let our customers earn money without deep penetration into technical details.
We are always next to you
We do not stop the interactive process with our customers after selling them our product, we provide technical support and we always keep in touch with our customers. As part of your service pack you get a free technical support phone number, a team of specialists, who are always ready to solve your issue.
Customer-oriented approach
We know the needs of our customers and we are eager to bring them to life. We never stop looking for new, more effective decisions for auto business.
High technologies
We use modern methodologies Agile, Scrum, develop our web-applications with regards to scaling and highload, plan projects and use project testing.

Time to relax

When does the staff make a real solid team sharing similar views? When they not only work together but relax together as well. We enjoy having a joyful and active rest – that is how you can feel your friend’s support and experience the team spirit!

Our rest is

  • Football (soccer): we have our company team which successfully takes part in local football matches;
  • Company sport: free membership cards to gyms and swimming pools for the company specialists to keep fit!
  • And, by all means, the most important day for us is the Company’s Birthday, the day of establishment of TradeSoft company, on 24 April. We respect our company history, traditions, company culture and are eager to enjoy this day to the fullest!
  • Annual rafting down the local rivers: it is vigorous hand padding, cooking on the fire, a heart-to-heart talk in a friendly atmosphere and singing songs to guitar!
  • Entertaining and amusing company celebrations: we enjoy not only sport but dancing, contests and having fun, too. You can never guess how talented your colleagues are!