Goods Delivery via Delivery Service Company
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Goods Delivery via Delivery Service Company


Now your clients can get their orders through delivery companies.

On the order placement page in the Client part, the client can select one of the options in Delivery to the door created in the Administrative part or delivery services.

There are the following changes in the Administrative part to set up the delivery service:

  • The new section is added in Business economics ► Logistics ► Delivery services where:

    • On the tab Service list, you should enter the Login and Password to access the delivery service. To check if the data are correct, click Check the connection

    • The parameter Percent from the order amount for insurance calculation defines the percent to calculate the insurance value. It is zero if the field is empty.

    • Enable the Test mode to send requests to the test version of the service.

    • On the tab Settings, specify dimensions and weight of the part by default. Information about the dimensions and weight will be automatically put in the delivery documents if exact data are not given for the ordered product.

      • Set up payment for delivery: If the parameter Payment for the order without delivery costs is enabled, the delivery costs are not considered and appear only after the delivery document verification;

      • On the tab Sender list, set up the sender for each retail outlet.

        You can add a sender manually by the click on Add or automatically by the click on Generate by retail outlets. In case of automatic generation, data about retail outlets are taken from Retail outlets ► List of retail outlets.

    After the delivery service is connected, start the task Synchronization of delivery services in Settings ► Scheduler settings.

    Synchronization of delivery services is available after the System check is enabled.

  • Online store ► Delivery is added to manage deliveries.

    This section is visible only when the delivery service is added.

    In this section, you can do the following:

    • Moderate the delivery document by the click on Moderation;

    • Edit the delivery document by the click on Edit, namely:

      • Edit the type of packaging units and their quantity;

      • Move goods to different packaging units;

      • Change delivery tariffs and types;

      • Change the sender;

      • Change the recipient's contact data.

    • Send the delivery document to the delivery company by the click on Send for processing;

    • Cancel delivery by the click on Cancel delivery.

In addition:

  • Reference books ► Delivery ► Packaging types is added where you can set up available packaging types for delivered goods;

  • The packaging type selected as default is where goods will be packed in the delivery document.

  • On the form for part creation/edition (Product portfolio ► Parts info), the following new fields are added: Packaging length, mm; Packaging width, mm; and Packaging height, mm. Specify exact dimensions of the goods and they will be used in the delivery document;

  • In Reference books ► Geography ► Countries, the new parameter ISO code is added to arrange international delivery.

Find the full list of changes and their description here.