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Keep in touch with your clients via messengers!


Icons of messengers

Icons of messengers available for your retail outlet can be displayed. Just enter their logins in the Administrative part and your clients can see the icons:

  • in the website header;
  • in the website footer when using the Default theme;
  • in the block Contacts of the Homepage;
  • in the retail outlet information block on the webpage Contacts.

When clicking the icons of messengers, phone and email, the respective application is launched. Now, you and your clients can be in touch even easier.

Order placement form

We’ve been working on optimization of the order placement form. Our target is to minimize clients’ refusals on this stage. Now, we’ve divided registration and order placement. First, the client must log in to the website so that they don’t have to enter lots of data in the huge form at once. After logging in, the user goes to the order placement page.

Please, view how the updated order placement procedure looks like in this video.

Click the link to view the full list of changes in Web-AutoResource 6.46.

Thank you for choosing Web-AutoResource developed by TradeSoft!