New Functions for Convenient Work
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New Functions for Convenient Work


What’s new: useful tools to sell used parts; request company details for the payer during order submission; new features to manage search by VIN; identify clients automatically in case of a fast VIN request; free form to enter the delivery address.

Learn the details below.

Sell used parts 

With AutoResource, you can now sell used parts on your website or become an online supplier of used parts. Stay ahead of your competitors, enlarge your product range and sales!

А. Sell used parts from suppliers and stock 

You can do the following new actions in the Administrative part:

  • Specify if the part is used in Work with price lists;
  • Upload real images of used parts;
  • Specify possible defects, description of wear and tear, and other peculiarities of used parts in the new column Used part description;
  • Mark which connected suppliers work with used parts;
  • Used parts get the unique ID by the combination Supplier's SKU and Price list ID. It helps identify the used part when placing clients' orders.

There are the following changes in the Client part:

  • The new group Used parts in search results and in the filter Offer type;
  • Each used part gets the respective icon. Point the cursor on it to see the part description and click it to proceed to the flypage of the used part;
  • The flypage of the used part includes individual images (they are not taken from Web info and Product portfolio) and product description;
  • The Used part icon is visible in the cart, during the order placement, and in the list of orders so that your clients do not forget about it.

B. Become a supplier of used parts 

If you sell used parts, AutoResource is an excellent E-Commerce platform which helps you become an online supplier and show your goods in price search and for online order.

In the settings of online suppliers, the new option Goods type is added. It defines how goods should be shown in search results of the online service as used, new, or all.

Learn more how to work with used parts here.

Request client's company details during the order placement 

Are your clients legal entities? Get their company details for payments when they place the order. The new tool to set up such request will make your work easier.

Select the approach suitable for your business:

  • allow to place the order without payer's details;
  • request payer's details, but allow to skip this step;
  • demand to enter the data – the client cannot place the order while the data are not given.

Learn more here.

Manage search by VIN

It is up to you what catalogs and in what order should be used to search for a part by VIN.

In the settings of the Administrative part, you can select catalogs connected to your website: TecDoc, Parts-Catalogs and define their priority. Just move the necessary catalog to the column Selected.

The order of catalogs in this column defines their priority during search: the higher the catalog in the list is, the higher its priority is.

In addition, you can search for parts by VIN in TecDoc through the search line.

Automatically define clients in a fast VIN request

Did your client submit a VIN request without authorization? In no time at all, the system automatically searches for the client by the email/phone and binds the request to their account.

You get the full history of your client's requests. Your managers can define the client correctly and provide them with an excellent service avoiding any duplicate records in the system.

Free form to enter the delivery address 

Define how your clients should enter the delivery address:

  • apply the form with the set of fields – location (according to the reference book), street, house, office or flat;
  • enter the data in the text field in a free form. It is especially useful if you have clients in different countries.

Useful changes and updates in this release:

  • Limits of maximum order amount and maximum credit amount are checked for the client/client category when the online order is submitted to the supplier.
  • The user group Content managers gets access to goals of web-analytics by default.
  • Weight and volume of small parts is visible on the flypage.

Find the full list of changes and their description here.

  1. All the changes will be automatically added to the out-of-the-box software.
  2. If you are a current client and would like us to update the project, please submit a request to the technical support from your authorized email address so that we can put you in the queue for update.

Thank you for choosing AutoResource developed by Tradesoft!