New Tools to Increase Sales and Client Loyalty
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New Tools to Increase Sales and Client Loyalty


Boost sales and increase client loyalty with these new tools: trigger mailouts, automatic update of goods in carts, authorization by code, and filters to select suitable suppliers. Learn more below.

Send trigger mailouts 

How to retain clients on the website and increase the number of repeated purchases in the online store?

Yes, you can consistently target your clients with the help of digital advertising. But there is a free and equally effective method. Trigger mailout is an email or sequence of emails sent to registered website users in case of certain events.

In AutoResource, you can use the new tool of trigger mailouts. The respective subsection appears in Online store ► Clients.

What mailout types are available now?

  • One-time – sent to clients only once on the specified date. It can contain information about special offers, discounts, benefits, etc.;
  • Items left in the cart (Recurrent) – sent to users who add items to the cart, but fail to place the order;
  • Reminder to visit the website (Recurrent) – sent to users who have not logged in to the website during a certain time period;
  • Shopping reminder (Recurrent) – sent to users who shopped on the website during a certain time period, but have not placed any orders recently;
  • Mailout of invoices (Recurrent) – sent to users who placed the order. It contains the reminder about order payment and the link to the generated invoice.

To send the mailout to clients' emails, it is necessary that the client has agreed to receive mailouts on the page Notifications in their Personal Profile.

Learn more how to work with trigger mailouts here.

Update clients' carts

Quite often a client adds items in the cart and submits the order later. During this period, items of the order may become outdated: prices, delivery terms, and availability become irrelevant.

To prevent such inconvenient situations, in AutoResource, you can automatically update offers in clients' carts.

After repeated price search, items are displayed in three blocks depending on the result:

  1. Main block in the upper part of the Cart – contains items without any changes or with less available quantity.
  2. Changed prices or delivery terms.
  3. Out of stock – items not available anymore. They cannot be ordered, but there is the button Search for a similar item next to each product. Click it to search for goods by the same part number and manufacturer.

The parameter Update offers in the cart is enabled by default and can be found in Settings of preset pages.

Learn more about this tool here.

Client authorization by code 

In previous versions, if your client forgot the password to enter the personal profile, they had to restore it. Quite often, clients registered once again which resulted in duplicate accounts.

Now, for the sake of your clients' convenience, you can enable authorization by code. On the email authorization form, the new button Enter with the code appears. Click it to receive a one-time code.

By default, authorization by code is enabled. Disable it in Settings of preset pages.

Learn more here.

Filter of search results by supplier 

To ensure maximum correspondence of purchased goods with clients' expectations, we have added a new filter of search results by suppliers' parameters:

  • Official dealer;
  • Reliable supplier – with delivery and availability rating from 4 to 5;
  • Return is available.

The filter is enabled by default and is always visible on the page even if there are no offers with suitable parameters. Disable it in Settings of preset pages.

Useful changes and updates in this release:

  • New payment systems are added: Dohone, Tap Payments, Thawani, Network International;
  • For websites with the multi-currency mode, the new function is available: generate reports with the necessary currency;
  • The new tool is added: define the number of displayed lines in the tables of the Administrative part;
  • The content for the Privacy Policy is updated.

Find the full list of changes and their description here.

  1. All the changes will be automatically added to the out-of-the-box software.
  2. If you are a current client and would like us to update the project, please submit a request to the technical support from your authorized email address so that we can put you in the queue for update.

Thank you for choosing AutoResource developed by Tradesoft!