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New Ways to Inform Clients


You can hide the delivery direction in the Client part and notify clients about items ready for online payment. More information below.

Hide the delivery direction

For some users of AutoResource, it is important to hide the delivery direction of goods in the Client part.

In the previous versions, it was done manually in several sections. Now the parameter Display the delivery direction is added in the Administrative part. It helps manage the direction in one mouse click.

The parameter is disabled by default for new clients. When it is enabled, the delivery direction is shown in the search results, the cart, Orders of the Profile, and in the return request.

Inform about online payment for the order

Sometimes, your clients should not pay for the order right after its placement as some items should be verified. How to inform the client that their order is verified and ready for payment?

For this purpose, a new type of email notifications for clients is added: information about the items ready for payment. You client can quickly pay for the order and receive it without delay. This is very convenient and increases your clients' loyalty.

Read more about this function here.

Find the entire list of changes and their description here.

Please pay attention to important things connected with this release:

  1. All the changes will be automatically added to the out-of-the-box software.
  2. If you are a current client, please submit a request to the technical support from your authorized email address so that we can put you in the queue for update.

Thank you for choosing AutoResource developed by Tradesoft!