Set up Correspondence for Catalog of Car Batteries
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Set up Correspondence for Catalog of Car Batteries


The subsection Setting correspondence for the catalog of car batteries is added in Product catalogs, where you can add/edit/delete correspondences by car and battery parameters. The set-up correspondences regulate the results in case of searching by the filter Selection by car in the catalog Car batteries.

The form to create/edit the correspondence contains the following fields:

  • make – the name of the car make from Reference books ► By cars ► Car makes;

  • model – the name of the car model from Reference books ► By cars ► Car models;

  • type – the name of the car type from Reference books ► By cars ► Car types;

  • polarity – the value of the battery polarity in the catalog Car batteries (the property Polarity);

  • length, mm – the battery length in millimeters;

  • width, mm – the battery width in millimeters;

  • height, mm – the battery height in millimeters.

It is possible to specify several values via a comma or a range of values via a hyphen in the fields Length, Width, and Height. These fields are mandatory.

The section has a filter of correspondences by car make/model/type and bulk deletion of records.

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