Updated Product Catalogs and New Payment System
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Updated Product Catalogs and New Payment System


We have updated product catalogs, modified drop-down lists in the Administrative and Client parts, added a new payment system, introduced the check for availability and multiplicity of goods during the online order placement, and updated the block Popular goods.
More information below.

New in product catalogs

We have updated product catalogs and added a number of useful modifications for more convenient work of your administrators and buyers.

  • The outdated field Symbol code is deleted. The address generated earlier will be transferred to the field SEF URL link.

  • Now it is easier to sell goods from the catalog page: e-commerce is supported on the pages of product catalogs as well.

  • For more transparent work of managers, now changes of flypages are recorded: the column Modification date is added to the subsection Data management.

  • The new function of copying goods is added. In the subsection Data management on the panel Action over selected/displayed items, the following new action is added: Copy items. When you enable this action, selected items are copied into the current catalog section/subsection, including all the entered item parameters. It saves working time of your managers.

Administrative Part: convenient drop-down lists

Fields with drop-down lists and a searching function are updated in the Administrative part. They are more convenient and evident.

The click on the field opens the search bar with a drop-down list of available values. A user can enter the text to search for the necessary value. When the list is closed, the last value is saved in the line and it is highlighted for quick search in case of the repeated click.

These changes are implemented in the following fields of the Administrative part:

  • The field Client on the search form in the website header and in Online store – Utilities – Search by part numbers;

  • The fields of the filter Client, # order, Supplier in all sections;

  • The fields Manufacturer, Merge in a conglomerate in the subsections of Product portfolio.

New payment system

For more convenient work of your buyers, we constantly integrate new payment systems in AutoResource. The payment system Datatrans is added in this release.

Datatrans is a Swiss payment system for protected internet payments supporting more than 40 payment types. The key currency of the payment system is Swiss franc (CHF). The option of dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is available. It ensures calculations in the preferable currency.

You can set up the payment system in Business economics – Payment types.

Online order placement: availability and multiplicity of goods

The availability and multiplicity of goods is checked during the online order placement. During synchronization of statuses of the order with the quantity aliquant of the batch or with the quantity more than the available pieces, the user receives the respective notification and the order is not sent to the online supplier. Thus, it is easier for managers to purchase items and to keep your clients' loyalty.

Please pay attention to the fact that for the correct operation of this function, the limited quantity of the ordered items according to the available pieces should be specified on the supplier's website and you should set up the respective value in the supplier's settings in AutoResource.

Useful changes and updates:

  • The button View all is added in the themes Default and Cube. It is displayed in the bottom of the block. The click on the button switches you to the catalog page Popular goods.

  • When a wrong interchange is created, you can add a manufacturer.

  • Images are displayed as a Carousel in search results of the mobile version of the website.

Find the entire list of changes and their description here.

Please pay attention to important things connected with this release:

  1. All the changes will be automatically added to the out-of-the-box software.
  2. If you are a current client, please submit a request to the technical support from your authorized email address so that we can put you in the queue for update.

Thank you for choosing AutoResource developed by Tradesoft!