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User-friendly work with orders


New webpage of orders

We’ve considered all the main trends of e-commerce, specifics of auto parts sales and completely redesigned the webpage of orders in the client’s profile. Now, your clients can effortlessly monitor their orders, track their statuses and make payments. Undoubtedly, all this will positively impact your sells. Let’s see it in detail.

The design and layout of the webpage are changed.

Now, your clients can view the information in two modes: grouped by orders and as a general list of items. The first mode ideally suits retail sales: your client sees the groups of items and when they ordered them. The second mode suits the wholesale clients: they see the full list of ordered items in one place. The client can switch between these modes by themselves in the upper part of the table (Fig.1). Here is also the search bar by orders (Fig.2) and the filter (Fig.3). There is also a line to select the statuses for order sorting (Fig.4). 

There are also changes in the functions. Let’s view them in the mode of grouped by orders:

All the items on the webpage are grouped by orders and the client can see information which is important for them, such as:

  • Status (ready to pick up, issued, awaiting payment, order is sent) – the client sees the current status of the ordered item;
  • Arrival – the delivery date is displayed;
  • Debt, price and sum – the client sees information about the payment. If they have not paid yet, the button Pay appears. These changes make the payment easy, thus increasing conversion from order to purchase.

The client can also view their orders by statuses, for example: ready to pick up, unpaid or processed. It is helpful for you as a seller as your client pays for an item or picks up the delivered item faster. After clients tick the ordered item, the additional menu of actions appears in the lower part of the screen which is intuitively understandable to users.

Please, see how it works in the video:

You can use the same function in the display mode of items as a list, except for grouping by orders. In this mode, the user sees all the items as a one huge list. We’ve developed the system of search filtering to make work of your wholesale clients easy and convenient.

Please, see how this mode works:

It often happens that there might be some changes in delivery time or conditions from moment of adding the order in the cart to its placement. For such cases, the notification Changed items is added. This notification shows only those items which have been changed. The client can view the changes and confirm them, which prevents possible disputes regarding the changes.

Please, see how it works:

Updated cart

We’ve revised the client’s cart in Web-AutoResource considering experience and wishes of the current clients and made it more compact and convenient for users.

What has changed:

  1. Thanks to the new interface, it is easier to view and compare the items added in the cart and also leave comments to the order for the manager.
  2. The icon (Fig.1) showing if the item can be returned is added. It often plays a significant role in the client’s choice.
  3. The client can see the information about the batches of the product. The minimum batch or multiplicity of items are displayed when placing an order.
  4. The average delivery time (Fig.2) and shelf life of the cart (Fig.3) are saved.
  5. The cart has an adaptive interface. Please, see how it looks like.

Other interesting updates:

  • You can enable the mandatory field of detailed additional information in the return reason form.
  • You can send emails to the technical support if you have a critical error on the webpage (HTTP code = 500).
Click the link to view the full list of changes in Web-AutoResource 6.46.

Thank you for choosing Web-AutoResource developed by TradeSoft!