VIN Request by Image
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VIN Request by Image


Now your clients can attach images in the VIN field. This image should include the VIN, e.g. vehicle registration certificate or the mark under the hood. The image can be attached when submitting a fast VIN request, extended VIN request and when submitting the order in the block Check the goods for applicability.

The following formats are supported: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp. The image size should not exceed 5 Mb.

If the image is attached when submitting the VIN request, in Online store ► VIN requests ► Pending requests:

  • in the table part, the icon Image available appears. Click it to open the window with the attached image and the field to enter the VIN.

  • in the window for editing the request, the field VIN image is added where you can see the link Open the image and VIN/FRAME to enter the VIN. Click the link Open the image to open the attached image in a new tab.

In the Client part, in Garage, the following columns are added: Additional information and VIN image.

Find the full list of changes and their description here.