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Price search

Get information about the required item by a single click.

Price search is a unique mechanism, specially developed and successfully implemented by the specialists of TradeSoft company, which has no analogues by precision, work speed and price among modern software.

How does it work?

To understand how this tool works let’s look at the search stages and price definition in a common shop:

  • Search for the main part number of the spare part in the catalog (OEM or aftermarket);
  • Search for interchanges, replacements of the main code;
  • Search for the prices of the main part number and interchanges in the database of stock balance;
  • Search for the prices of the main part number and interchanges in vendors’ price-lists;
  • Search for the prices of the main part number and interchanges on vendors’ websites;
  • • Calculation of the final price for the customer.

Price search reduces these stages to a single click! You should only input the item part number you are looking for to find out the following: if it is in stock, its interchanges, warehouse prices, prices from downloaded price-lists of vendors, prices from vendors’ websites (online price search). You will get everything in a couple of seconds! The only thing you will need to do is to choose the price and shipping terms suitable for the customer!

What are the advantages of price search?

  • Time-saving for your customer;
  • Convenience of the searching process;
  • Saving the customer’s costs thanks to search for the best price and shipping terms.

Online price search

Show your customers online offers of vendors.

Online price search will let you offer a wide range of car spare parts by means of connecting to vendors’ websites and giving a chance to choose suitable shipping terms and prices. Web-AutoResource platform is integrated with many well-known vendors of car spare parts.

How does it work?

  • The service displays your vendors’ offers with regard to your purchase price, taking into account extra charges and shipping time;
  • Your customer selects a spare part and places an order online;
  • The programme automatically detects which vendor this offer comes from, but this information is available only to you.

What are the advantages of Online price search?

  • It offers a wide range of spare parts to your customers, without extra costs for keeping a warehouse;
  • It saves time of your employees and customers;
  • It makes the process of spare parts order more effective and eliminates errors.

Online vendor order

Order goods at the vendor online in automatic mode.

Forget that you should find spare parts, ordered by customers, on your vendors’ websites and process an order manually – a special web-service has already done it for you. The unique, smoothly operating mechanism which has no analogues, developed by TradeSoft company, will change your view on spare parts online-sale.

How does it work?

  • The service displays your vendors’ offers with regard to your purchase price, taking into account extra charges and shipping time;
  • Your customer or manager selects a spare part and places an order online;
  • The programme automatically detects which vendor this offer comes from, and it immediately places an order into a vendor’s cart.

What are the advantages of Online vendor order?

  • It saves a lot of time of your manager, computerizing routine manual work of filling in carts in online stores and processing hundreds of items by a single click
  • It eliminates ‘human factor’ errors and guarantees placing a correct order;
  • Price search is performed simultaneously with the process of placing an order on the vendor’s website, which eliminates an unfortunate situation, when the spare part ordered by your customer is out of stock (out of sale) at the vendor’s or might have a different price;
  • It reduces a risk of ‘brain drain’ and developing business competition due to the fact that employees have no access to commercial data about vendors and procurement terms.

Spare parts interchanges

Would you like to become an irreplaceable seller of car spare parts? Propose an alternative choice to your customers by means of interchanges. TradeSoft software gives an opportunity to accumulate your own database of car part interchanges with convenient visualization and control over relations.

If you do not have your own database or you want to expand it, you can connect service ‘Online interchanges’.

What are the advantages of Online interchanges?

  • A huge range of items at your disposal: 20 million pairs of interchanges, 2 000 brands of manufacturers;
  • A quick access, immediate search result, possibility to manage accuracy of information;
  • Regular database update;
  • Loyalty of your customers due to alternative product offers, and frequently for a more cost-efficient price;
  • Computer assisted database search will significantly save time and effort of your managers.

Spare parts replacements

Notify your customers in due time about new and out-dated spare parts, eliminating errors in the order.

The special function of Web-AutoResource platform lets you accumulate and store information about replacements – spare parts which will substitute the ones, produced earlier.

Online spare parts catalogs

Car spare parts catalogs contain information about spare parts by car brands (including graphic information) and simplify the procedure of spare part search and selection.

To provide a maximum range, you should use catalogs of both OEM and aftermarket car parts.

Online catalogs are connected directly to the online store. Even if the customer does not know the spare part code, using the catalog he/ she will easily find the necessary item. Then there is price search by all price-lists and connected vendors in automatic mode. As a result, reliable information about availability, prices, shipping time, interchanges is displayed. The only thing the customer should do is to choose the preferable terms and conclude a purchase!

Online catalog of interchanges Catcar.Aftermarket – It is a more cost-efficient catalog in comparison with TecDoc. Similar to TecDoc and other catalogs of well-known brands, Catcar.Aftermarket catalog includes information about almost all car brands.

What are the advantages of the Catcar.Aftermarket?

  • There is a full and reliable database of aftermarket car parts for the majority of existing cars;
  • Your customer will easily find the necessary spare part by means of convenient tree-like search structure of car spare parts by brands of passenger vehicles and freight transport, component assemblies, engine numbers or types of axle.
  • Eliminate the number of errors in selecting and ordering spare parts, thanks to information about interchanges;
  • You can sell car spare parts even for the most modern cars. The database is regularly updated;
  • The best price helps reduce your costs.

Online OEM catalogs Catcar.Info are created on the basis of original disc programmes and are provided by car brands. They are regularly updated, have intuitive and convenient display interface.

What are the advantages of connecting online catalogs?

  • At your disposal there is always an up-to-date, reliable and intuitively clear OEM database of the car brands which you need;
  • Spare part search is significantly simplified in case the item code is unknown;
  • Your customers can select a spare part for their car on their own;
  • It will lead to increased sales and labour saving.

Display window

Web-AutoResource platform provides an opportunity to use not only ready-made pre-installed catalogs, but also to create your own ones.

If your task is to offer your customers car accessories, car care products and car oils, car electronics, consumption parts for maintenance, tyres, discs and other items, the best way to do it is to create convenient catalogs which will give an opportunity to select necessary items, look through their characteristics and photos.

Individual catalogs are created on the basis of an additional module ‘Dynamic catalogs’. It will let you organize the unrestricted number of catalogs of any structure on your own. The module can upload images, lists of goods from Excel tables and interact with the pricing pattern of Web-AutoResource, displaying prices in accordance with the customer category and availability in price-lists. For every product in the catalog the separate page is created, which positively influences the promotion of your online store.

Car spare parts sales

Flexible pricing

Computerize the marketing policy of your company.

WebAutoResource platform offers various rule settings for discounts and extra charges.

They can vary from simple extra charge to combinations of many factors (location, customer category, season, vendor, etc.). The system considers discounts, sales, bonuses and gifts.

We can offer various pricing schemes for different customer groups – from new customers up to VIPs and wholesale ones.

There is also an opportunity to work with various levels of extra charges, in accordance with individual terms of collaboration with each of them.

Goods movement record

Conduct stock accounting and keep the record of its movement in the administrative part of your online store.

The platform provides for assigning various statuses to every order regarding its stage of completion. Besides statuses provided by default, there is an opportunity to create your own ones, in accordance with your own preferences. Thanks to them the manager will easily track the stage of this or that order and will see the full movement chain for every product – from placing the order to the vendor to shipping to the customer.

Besides, the customer of the online store can also keep track on every stage of his/ her order in his/ her profile.

Dealer network development

Using only one platform Web-AutoResource, the owner of the auto parts chain stores can run business in various cities, and also connect regional business partners, who may act as dealers.

Conquer new territories with the help of Web-AutoResource! Expand your business. Create new sales outlets and your own dealer network.

Reporting and analytics

Enhance efficiency of your online store by means of various reports and statistics!

The head of the online store must have a complete and up-to-date picture of business process trends. For this purpose, Web-AutoResource provides reports to evaluate trends of sales, revenues, consumer demand satisfaction and other important parameters.

The system includes convenient tools to collect and analyze statistics of sales, clients, payments, completed orders and many others. Also, we offer reports to analyze relevance of the warehouse, which will help satisfy the consumer demand to the fullest and eliminate accumulation of surplus stock. Besides, with the help of these reports the CEO can track work statistics of every manager and assess efficiency of his/ her own stuff.

Privileges of your customers

Private space

Convenient and intuitive customer’s personal account keeps personal data, history of orders, requests, payments. The customer can track the current processing status of every item of his order. In his personal account he can print or save created documents on his PC; check the status of his account; include several addresses for shipping and details to pay in cash or via bank transfer.

Your customers will love their personal accounts!

Section ‘Customers’ cars’

The manager of the online auto parts store may control accuracy of customers’ orders with the help of the section ‘Customers’ cars’.

The section contains the following information about customers’ cars: brand, model, date of production, VIN-code, etc., which help the manager correctly select the ordered spare parts or check them to see if they are relevant for the customer’s car. This tool helps significantly reduce the number of returns and claims!

SMS, E-mail messages

The notification service will give you an opportunity to inform customers about the statuses of how their order is processed, such as, arrival of the product to the warehouse, introduction of changes in the order, etc. It will let customers get updated information, and it will let you improve the feedback and increase customers’ loyalty.

Also, this service helps perform mass mailing to all the customers’ database, which will keep your customers informed about the latest sales and news.

Online payment

Web-AutoResource allows the online store owner to receive payment from the enabled system of online payments, e.g. PayPal, AliPay, Chronopay, Pelepay.

Also, you can get payment via electronic fund transfer by means of payment terminal or bank card.


Technical excellence and speed

The unique high-performance algorithm, which successfully manages the database of 50 million items!

In a couple of seconds it can process millions of lines from a number of sources for various purposes: for price search; for search of the item on the vendor’s website; for download/ upload of databases; for automatic update of price-lists, etc.

Integration with warehouse record keeping system

Computerize data exchange with your record keeping system.

Make it possible to exchange data with your record keeping system by means of exchange of files: csv, xls, xlsx, xml.

Do customers speak different languages?

Give your customers an opportunity to work on the site using their native language.

It is more and more common to see flags of various countries on websites, which automatically translate the current webpage into the selected language on pressing the button. This function is available on websites of online stores on the basis of Web-AutoResource platform.

Be unique

Make your design exclusive!

For your project you can choose the following: use a standard template or create a unique design to suit your requirements.

Do you still put data into price-lists manually? Say NO to it!

Combine all the data into a common price-list, make downloading automatic.

The vendors’ price-lists in formats Excel, Access, CSV, TXT, DBF are downloaded into a unified fast-speed database by means of the ‘AutoPrice’ module, automatic update of price-lists is set in the selected mode.

High load projects and scaling

Work and improve your business with the help of our system – we have done everything for that.

Our system supports high-load projects, simultaneous work on several servers in order to provide optimum speed of the website even in case of multiple simultaneous sessions per second.

Stable work and hacking protection

The system will provide stable work of your online store, protect against errors and withstand serious cyber attacks.

The specialists of ‘TradeSoft’ company regularly perform acceptance and stress testing of the system, supervise code quality and test its security vulnerability. The system supports safe access protocols HTTPS, encryption of passwords and other secret information for its storage.