User-friendly work with orders
A new webpage of orders, compact client’s cart and other useful upgrades.
New search mode!
What’s new: new search of auto parts, unified format of adding client’s data.
Useful updates to work in the system
The procedure of entering the address by the client is changed, Paynet payment system is added, the webpage of orders is upgraded and lots of other useful modifications have appeared.
Useful updates will make your work easier!
Display the supplier rating from statistics, set client categories by retail outlets, use micro-layout for social media.
New functions of Web-AutoResource!
New interface of the client’s profile and lots of other changes!
Keep in touch with your clients via messengers!
Icons of messengers are added to your retail outlet, the procedure of placing the order combined with registration is revised.
More info about suppliers!
Statistics by suppliers and info about delivery in search results are more informative.
Earning your clients’ loyalty!
New functions: Wishlist, preliminary filtration of suppliers’ offers, compact view of order content.
Simplified registration and work with wrong interchanges
Simplified registration for clients, correction of wrong interchanges.
Changes of notifications about actions
Display mode of notifications about action performance is revised.
Adding goods to the cart in the Administrative part
Adding goods to the cart in the Administrative part becomes more convenient.
Display the source of manufacturer in search results
Information about the source is extended and displayed when selecting the manufacturer during search by part number in the Administrative part.