Online Parts Info
$ 20 /month

Prices are exclusive of local taxes

Web Info

Full and detailed information with pictures about goods

The service will keep you informed about every auto part, even if you see it for the first time. It will save you the trouble of searching and downloading huge databases into the programme. With Web Info, you can fill in empty fields of flypages with a mouse click, such as: the manufacturer’s bar code, the item name and dimensions, its country of origin and applicability in cars.

The service will help you quickly match the item applicability with the client’s car. Clients of your online store will be sure that they select the relevant auto part, which they look for, and that it ideally fits their car. In addition, with Web Info, you can see important information about the manufacturer of the auto part, its characteristics, applicability, and images during the price search.

Types of connection
It is connected to AutoResource or to other platforms
Connection time
Within 10 minutes