Online Vendor Order
For «Web-AutoResource»
$ 80 /month
Online vendor order

Computerize manual work of filling in carts in online stores of vendors, process hundreds of items by single click.

The unique feature of this service is that now you can not only get up-to-date information about stock availability at the vendor’s warehouse but also automatically place an order right in the cart of his/ her online store. Your customer or manager selects a spare part and places an order in online mode, the programme automatically detects which vendor this offer comes from, creates an order document and places it on the vendor’s website. It is especially convenient if the manager has to place an order in dozens and hundreds of lines.

  • The service saves the manager’s time, computerizing manual work of filling in carts in online stores of vendors, processing hundreds of goods by single click;
  • It eliminates ‘human factor’ errors and guarantees the correct order;
  • It reduces costs in case the vendor’s price-list does not correspond to the relevant prices and availability – now price search is conducted simultaneously with the order processing on the vendor’s website;
  • It provides the further feedback – all the changes in the order to the vendor are automatically uploaded into your system;
  • It reduces ‘brain drain’ and developing business competition due to the fact that employees have no access to commercial data about vendors and procurement terms.
Types of connection
It is connected to ‘Web-AutoResource’ or to your other platform
Connection time
Within 10 minutes
Technical characteristics
To connect the service you must have a valid login on the website of the connected vendor, i.e. you must be their customer.