Online price search
For «Web-AutoResource»
$ 20 /month

Prices are exclusive of local taxes

Online price search

Enlarge your product range with goods from connected websites of vendors, adjusting your extra charges and shipping time

Online price-search is a service to integrate vendors’ auto parts websites with your software in order to learn information about stock availability for the spare part and its interchanges in vendors’ warehouses, prices and shipping time in accordance with your shipping agreement.

Connecting the service gives an opportunity to offer the customer a wide range of car spare parts from connected websites of vendors and to select the suitable shipping terms and the price.

Using our company software you can adjust your extra charges for spare parts and shipping terms for every connected vendor.

Types of connection
It is connected to ‘Web-AutoResource’ or to your other platform
Connection time
Within 10 minutes
Technical characteristics
To connect the service you must have a valid login on the website of the connected vendor, i.e. you must be their customer.

Many vendors are providing online services.
Choose the most convenient for you!

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