Online price search
$ 20 /month

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Online price search

Enlarge your product range with goods from connected websites of suppliers, use your markups, and set your delivery time

Online price search is a service to integrate websites of auto parts suppliers with your software. As a result, you get relevant and up-to-date information about auto parts stock and their aftermarket interchanges in suppliers’ warehouses, prices and delivery time in accordance with your delivery agreements.

Connect the service and offer a wide range of auto spare parts from connected websites of suppliers. Provide your clients with the option to select the suitable delivery time and prices.

Connect our software to use your markups for auto parts and set your delivery time for every connected supplier.

Types of connection
It is connected to AutoResource or to other platforms
Connection time
Within 10 minutes
Technical characteristics
To connect the service, you must have a valid login on the website of the connected supplier, i.e. you must be their customer.

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