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Earning your clients’ loyalty!


Wishlist for authorized users

Thanks to the new tool, Wishlist, the authorized users can like the items, clicking on the heart symbol, and add them to their Wishlist. When the client enters their profile, they can view their Wishlist, add a comment, change the name, view the image and learn the relevant price (The Wishlist shows the minimum price at the moment of adding the item). This tool helps your clients save goods which they are not ready to buy yet, but are interested in. It strengthens your clients’ loyalty, stimulates same store sells and increases the amount of the average bill. 

Preliminary filtration of suppliers’ offers

Does price search of every auto part result in many offers difficult to handle because you have many suppliers? Limit the number of displayed search results using the function of preliminary filtration. You can choose by yourself what items and how many of them to show to your clients. For example, we have two offers with the shortest delivery time, one – with the minimum price and two are from the stock. It helps your clients select the offer and place an order faster and increases conversion rate of your website.

This tool is now applicable both for online suppliers and local price lists.

Compact view of order content

Sometimes, a client’s order might contain dozens of items. Such a webpage is difficult to read. Now, the order content block has a more compact view: you see only the first three items and the total order sum. The list is easily expanded by a mouse click if your client wants to check the all order content. 

Click the link to view the full list of changes in Web-AutoResource 6.46.

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