AutoResource Support

AutoResource Support

There are several AutoResource Support Plans for your most convenient and efficient work.

You can select one of them depending on your needs, required disc space and other things.

Benefits of the Support Plans

  • Ensure stable work of your online store based on the AutoResource platform;
  • Help mastering, customizing and managing the online store;
  • Save your money, time and efforts as you need to hire fewer staff;
  • Allow customizing the website according to your business tasks.

Support Plans include

  • Maintenance and support of the website in good operating condition;
  • Assistance of the Technical Support Team by means of any method convenient to you;
  • Emergency support 24/7;
  • Hosting the project on high-speed servers;
  • Regular update of AutoResource versions;
  • Evaluation and development of customized modifications and enhancements;
  • Assistance of the project management team.


We have a range of powerful servers to host our clients’ projects. Hosting on our servers guarantees stable and reliable work of the website, round-the-clock monitoring and daily backup. Select the suitable hosting for your online store!

Hosting options:

  • Tradesoft shared server with one of the available Support Plans
  • Tradesoft dedicated server with the Comfort or Leader Support Plans

Advantages of hosting on the dedicated server: increased capacity, high performance speed, additional security guarantee, vast disc space.

You will get the server for your project on a turnkey basis!

Server configuration:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4770
Memory: 32 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard discs: 2 x 2 TB HDD or 2 x 500 GB SSD

Connection settings:

Connection: 100 Mbit/s
Traffic: Unlimited
Hosting: Germany

Support Plans

How to select the Support Plan?

  • Select the suitable server for hosting your online store.
  • Choose the most suitable Support Rules for your online store depending on the necessary services, priority level, disc space and etc.

Should a client suspend the Support Plan and renew it again later, they shall pay the cost of software update to the relevant AutoResource version. The update cost is calculated based on the number of suspension months.

Special service: Personal Manager

With this Service, you get the top priority for your project support, a personal project manager and a technical support specialist.

Please, see the benefits and terms of this Service in the document Personal Manager.

Personal Manager

Special service: Project Management Plan

AutoResource is a ready-to-use online auto parts store, ideally suitable for business startups if you want to sell auto parts online. The out-of-the-box project does not need any enhancements. Clients can easily introduce all the necessary changes on their own following the User’s Guide or getting assistance from the technical support team under the standard Support Plans.

Over the course of time, each store actively develops and gets a number of enhancements, modifications, additional modules thus turning into a large business project with a high complexity level.

Specially for such cases we have the service Project Management Plan.

Benefits of the Project Management Plan

  • Save your money and efforts. You do not need to hire a project manager or consult with the Third-Party developers. We already have the required specialists who are happy to assist you.
  • Get a unique store. Together with us, you can create a fully customized online shop different from all the other stores on the market with functions and tools meeting your requirements.
  • Secure business processes. All modifications are first tested and checked without influencing the main website performance.

We use a transparent cost calculation system to define the service price: classification of online stores by their complexity. It helps us manage all projects correctly and efficiently.

Project classification

One of the key features of AutoResource is the opportunity to integrate various modules and services in the project, as well as the possibility of individual modifications according to the client’s tasks. In this regard, we classify our online stores by the level of complexity. It helps us correctly and efficiently manage all projects.

Please, find the detailed description of the Project Management Plan, Project Classification and Warranty Policy in the document Project Support Rules.


We provide the warranty for AutoResource, its regular updates, as well as enhancements made by the Tradesoft specialists on the client’s request in case of hosting on Tradesoft servers. The warranty includes correction of software errors within the shortest feasible time, in case of the customer's compliance with the warranty terms and conditions.

We provide consultation and technical support in English.

Please, find the detailed description of the service Project Management Plan, Project Classification and Warranty Policy in the document Project Support Rules.

Project Support Rules