Web-AutoResource Maintenance

Maintenance is carried out in accordance with plans, among which you can select the most suitable one depending on your needs, disc space usage and other criteria.

For the most convenient and efficient usage of the WEB Auto Resource system we offer you several maintenance plans.

What are the advantages of maintenance?

  • It provides a stable work of your online store, developed on the WEB Auto Resource platform;
  • It helps to master, configure and manage the online store;
  • You save money on the system administrator’s salary;
  • You get an opportunity to modify the site according to your business tasks.

What does WEB Auto Resource maintenance include?

  • Maintenance and support of the website in a good working order;
  • Assistance provided by the specialists of the Support Department by means of any method convenient for you;
  • Emergency support in non-working hours;
  • Hosting the project on high-speed servers.

The service “Maintenance and Support Plan” provides for the client:

Regular update of the website functions;

Consideration of requirements to develop specific modifications and individual functions of the system;

Extra options:

  • Individual communication between your project and the development team;
  • Project management under the supervision of the project manager.

Hosting options for the online store

We have a range of powerful servers to host online projects of our clients. Hosting on our servers is a guarantee of stable and reliable work of your website, round-the-clock monitoring and daily backup. Select a suitable hosting for your online store!

The following ways of hosting the online store are available:

  • shared server of the Company with maintenance according to any of the available plans.
  • dedicated server with maintenance according to the Comfort plan or the Leader plan.

Advantages of the dedicated server are the following: increased capacity, high performance speed, additional security guarantee, vast disc space. We will use a turn-key approach to configure the server for your project!

Server configuration:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4770
Memory: 32 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard discs: 2 x 2 TB HDD or 2 x 500 GB SSD

Connection settings:

Connection: 100 Mbit/s
Traffic: Unlimited
Hosting: Germany

How to choose the maintenance and support plan for the WEB Auto Resource system?

There are several maintenance and support plans to choose from.

  • Decide what server you want to place your online store on.
  • Select the most suitable plan for your online store depending on desired services, level of support priority and other criteria.

License maintenance and support plan details

$ 120/month
  • Hosting
  • Basic support priority
  • Disk space 15Gb
  • Online parts info
  • Online interchanges
  • Unlimited online price search
  • Online order of all suppliers
  • OEM catalogs Parts-catalogs.com
$ 240/month
$ 200/month
  • Hosting
  • Standard support priority
  • Disk space 20Gb
  • Online parts info
  • Online interchanges
  • Unlimited online price search
  • Online order of all suppliers
  • All OEM catalogs Parts-catalogs.com
$ 640/month
$ 460/month
  • Hosting
  • High support priority
  • Disk space 30Gb
  • Online parts info
  • Online interchanges
  • Unlimited online vendor order
  • Unlimited online price search
  • Online order of all suppliers
  • OEM catalogs Parts-catalogs.com

In case a customer decides to suspend the maintenance and support plan and then to renew it again he/she pays the cost of software upgrades to the relevant software version. The upgrade cost is calculated and based on the number of months of non-use.


We provide the warrantee for the Web-AutoResource system, its regular updates, as well as improvements made by the TradeSoft specialists on the client’s request. The warrantee includes correction of software errors within the shortest possible time, in case of the customer's compliance with the warrantee terms and conditions.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions of the duties in the document “Web-Auto Resource Warranty”.

Warranty for Web-Auto Resource system

Classification of projects

One of the key features of the Web Auto Resource system is the opportunity to integrate various modules and services in the project, as well as the possibility of individual modifications according to the client’s tasks. In this regard, we classify our online stores by level of complexity, which allows us to manage projects more correctly and quickly. The classification is determined by the set parameters and conditions, the details of which can be found in the document “Classification of projects based on the Web Auto Resource System”.

Classification of projects on WEB Auto Resource system