Web-AutoResource Maintenance

Maintenance is conducted in accordance with plans, among which you can select the suitable one with regard to the expected website audience, disc space usage and other criteria.

For more convenient and efficient usage of the system Web-AutoResource we offer several maintenance plans.

What are the advantages of maintenance?

  • It provides stable work of your online store on the platform Web-AutoResource;
  • It helps to master, configure and administer the online store;
  • You save on the system administrator's salary;
  • You can improve your website with regard to the needs of your business.

What is included into Web-AutoResource Maintenance?

  • Maintenance and keeping in good working order;
  • Help provided by the technical support service specialists by means of the most convenient method for you;
  • Emergency support in non-working time;
  • Hosting the project on high-speed servers;
  • Regular software update of the functions;
  • Considering offers to improve software and develop individual functions.

How to select the maintenance plan of the Web-AutoResource system?

There are several maintenance plans to choose from. Select the most suitable plan for your online store with regard to the expected website audience, desired service priority and other criteria.

Minimum Standard Optimum
Number of visitors per day Up to 500 500-1500 More than 1500
Number of pages visited Up to 15 thousand 15 - 40 thousand More than 40 thousand
Support priority average increased high
Disc space 10 Gb 15 Gb 25 Gb
Capacity average increased high
Support 8x5
Emergency support
Web-AutoResource Update
Additional services Individual 2 labour hours 5 labour hours
Base price (for 1 month) $ 300 $ 550 $ 1 200

In case of suspension of the product maintenance, customer pays the cost of software upgrades to the latest software version at the further resumption of the maintenance. Upgrades cost is calculated basing on the number of missed months.

Hosting variants of the online store

We have a range of powerful servers for hosting online projects of our clients. Hosting on our servers is a guarantee of stable and fault-free performance of your website, round-the-clock monitoring and daily backup. Select the suitable hosting for your online store.

We offer the following hosting variants available:

  • Web hosting with maintenance according to any of the available plans.
  • Dedicated server with maintenance according to the Standard plan or Optimum plan.

The benefits of a dedicated server are the following: increased capacity, high performance speed, additional security guarantee, vast disc space. We use the turn-key approach to configure the server for your project!

Server configuration:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600
Memory: 32 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard discs: 2 x 2 TB SATA-III HDD (Software-RAID 1)

Connection settings:

Connection: 100 Mbit/s
Traffic: Unlimited
Hosting: Germany

Dedicated server:

Services Price
Standard plan, dedicated server $ 1 100 / month
Optimum plan, dedicated server $ 1 600 / month

What is labour hour?

Labour hour is one hour of efficient operation, required by the specialist to perform a certain task and determined by TradeSoft Company. Labour hours, provided for operation performance within the specified maintenance plans, are used up on the following terms:

  • labour hours can be used in order to improve the online store, created on the platform Web-AutoResource;
  • labour hours can be used in order to introduce changes into the functions, design (in case if the design was developed by TradeSoft Company), information composition on the website, additional maintenance work (for the Optimum maintenance plan);
  • labour hours can be used in order to implement several changes, whose total labour costs do not exceed the monthly overall surplus for the active maintenance plan;
  • total labour costs on changes must not exceed the monthly overall surplus for the active maintenance plan, otherwise changes are performed at additional charge;
  • if the available limit of labour hours is less than labour costs by request, it cannot be taken into account as changes partially;
  • unused labour hours are not transferred to the future time periods and are not accumulated;
  • labour hours cannot be used to purchase new products, work centers, licenses and etc.